Special FBST/Kink Duos with Manasa

Imagine being lured into the lair of two beautiful sirens. Your uncontrollable desires hold you captive while these beauties seduce you into their world. They tantalized you with seductive dance, strip tease and sensual touch.   Before you realize it, you are naked.  They relax and stimulate you with sensual massage and by gliding their naked bodies over yours.  You want to touch them, kiss them, explore them, but there spell is paralyzing.  You are their plaything - there to satisfy the sexual desires of these two lovelies and at times to watch their affections for each other.  They are in total control, but a part of you loves letting them take charge...


Elements of these FBST kink (sensual domination) duo sessions are:

Traditional FBST rules of no mutual touch or kissing should be expected

Tease and denial used to heighten desire and extend pleasure

MSOG encouraged (Manasa desires experience with this element)

Prostate Massage available (Manasa desires experience with this element)

Girl-Girl affection (if you desire we are into this kind of play) 


Donation rates for our Duo Day FBST/Kink Special on June 23

1 hr. ............$280

90 min. .......$380

2 hr. ............$480